New App Plays Audiobooks Up To 10 Times As Fast

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Audio books continue to soar in global popularity. In fact, they are one of the main reasons why traditional book reading is rapidly becoming obsolete. With that in mind, the new Rightspeed app is designed to play audio books at 10x the speed of other programs. This allows readers to speed through their TBR lists, while eliminating the need of storing books to be read at the bedtime table. According to industry monitors, the new app enables readers to access entire listings within just a few hours!

The best part is that users can modify the speed settings at anytime. This allows them to read at their own pace with any option to speed or slow down the material as desired. Rightspeed is the brainchild of Max Deutsch, who prefers to read books at 5.3 xs – the usual industry speed. Even with speed, however, you can literally get through a long Harry Potter series in less than a day – pretty impressive eh wizard?

The new app has helped countless readers retain information for tests as well. In fact, you are able to read Moby Dick in one day, which will effectively prepare you for any written or oral exams. The best part of the app is that it teaches you how to get through books faster. While this may seem difficult at first, the app is based on highlighting important points within publications and helping readers with memory retention.



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