7 Interesting Facts About Walt Disney

YouTube Channel: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney

Walt Disney was the founder of one of the most magical places on earth, Disney World. He was a prominent figure in the animation world and is one of the reasons we have so many celebrated animated heroes now. Check out these 7 facts about the man behind the mouse.

1. He was a High School Dropout

He was even told by one of his teachers that he ‘lacked imagination”and was thus fired from the school’s newspaper.

2. Success did not come easy

Before making it big, he often had to chow down on dog food just to be able to survive.

3. He was afraid of mice

Yes, you read that right. The creator of Mickey Mouse was, in fact, scared of mice. Go figure.

4. He brought live animals on set

During the production of the classic Snow White, Walt invited animals such as deer and birds on set to give the animators vivid inspiration.

5. He dressed incognito and visited the park

Walt often dressed down in scraps and would visit the park to make sure that the visitors were happy and were being treated respectfully.

6. His Last Words

His last words were, ‘Kurt Russell.’ Yes, the actor. I’m sure Walt probably meant to continue his thought but passed away before he was able to. Even Kurt Russell himself is baffled by this.

7. The Jungle Book

The animated Jungle Book was the last movie that Walt was personally involved in and oversaw the details of.


Walt Disney is a perfect example of turning past failures into immaculate success. What are some of your favorite Disney movies?


Featured image via Disney Examiner

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