16 Bookish Furniture Pieces to Spice Up Your Home

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Decorating can sometimes be a pain in the… you know. What could make the re-decorating process slightly more bearable would be to, of course, pick pieces that you’re excited about! Here are 16 furniture pieces that may give you some inspiration!

1. Lounging Book Chair

A chic lounging chair that would fit perfectly in an office or personal library.


Source: Bookriot

2. Wooden Book Chair

This one looks very nifty and would spark up a lot of interest too. I wonder how comfortable it is to sit on though…

on the Downtown Mall, Charlottesville. Less than $500! :-)

Source: DecorZone

3. Wooden 2-Seater

Another classic wooden piece that is sure to provoke questions!


Source: JenniBick

4. Reading Station/Bookshelf

Now this is living! I love how the lounging area is curved into the shape of how most people read. Nice and convenient, don’t you think?


Source: DecorZone

5. Small Book Table

This is super cute for a daycare or in a child’s room due to size.

6. Black Coffee Table

A great piece that will add class and sophistication to your living space.

7. Lamp Table

A special piece that you can use some of your chosen books to make.


Source: Pinterest

8. Leather Book Side Table

A simple piece that can go with a majority of room themes.


Source: Wine Enthusiast

9. Book Lamp

A good way to put those older, beat-up books to good use. That way, you can still hold onto them!


Source: HGTV

10. Overhead Lamp

What a cool lamp to gaze up at.


Source: Erdemny

11. Pages Lamp

A piece that will bring a tranquil, relaxing vibe to whatever room it is in.


Source: Lightopia

12. Unfolding Pages

This lamp creates an almost ethereal vibe.

13. Classic Book Love Seat

You may not be able to get many books on this shelf, but it sure is going to make you look organized!


Source: Made 4 Home

14. ‘Floating’ Sofa

A couch that will make your friends say, “Whoa.”


Source: Dornob

15. Easy Book Sofa

It looks like all this person did was stack a bunch of books underneath a Twin sofa. Neat and easy!


Source: Pinterest

16. Kid’s Book Sofa

Having a hard time getting your kid to enjoy reading? Get them this and they’ll have no choice but to love books. Or…they might just jump on it.


Source: BedZine


You tell me, is it time to redecorate?



Featured image via Chatelaine


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