12 Bookish Jewelry Pieces You Need Right Now

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Chunky jewelry may be annoying and get in the way of daily tasks, though I’m sure we all have a special piece of jewelry that we wear just about everyday! For my DIY lovers, check out the crafty book necklace video above and for those of you who would consider yourselves to be a little less creative, take a look  at the pieces below. You may find  a new piece (or two…or three) that will capture your heart.

1. Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Narnia Charm Bracelet

Perfect gift for a friend who cherishes one, two, or even all of these classics!


Source: Amazon

2. Banned Books Bracelet

This bracelet will add just the right amount of rebel to your ensemble. Bad to the Bone.


Source: Amazon

3. So Many Books, So Little Time Bracelet

Ah, this is oh so true.


Source: Amazon

4. Once Upon A Time Necklace

Simple, yet timeless.


Source: Amazon

5. Library Book Necklace

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could choose the books that went inside the necklace?


Source: Amazon

6. Three Book Necklace

There will be no question of if you are a reader when people see you wearing this!


Source: Amazon

7. She Is Too Fond Of Books Necklace

A wonderful obsession to have.


Source: Amazon

8. Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven Earrings

SO.CUTE. There are earrings with Les Miserables, Frankenstein, Little Men, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn book covers to name a few. The seller, Book Beads, makes these earrings by hand and they are inspired by the various books she has traveled into.


Source: Amazon

9. Book Nerd Earrings

Prouder than ever.


Source: Amazon

10. Bookworm Ring

Understated and classy.


Source: Amazon

11. Chapter One; The End Earrings

Because all great stories start somewhere.

chapter one

Source: Amazon

12. Book Earring Display

Whoever thinks of these items is truly crafty. A wonderful way to keep all your new book earrings organized! It’s also very convenient for packing since it just folds right up. This organizer comes in Black, Red, Light Purple, and Red Rose.


Source: Amazon


Which bookish pieces will you be rocking?


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