VIDEO: Inappropriate Kids Books That Actually Exist

From the Description, YouTube Channel: The Richest:

Some of the most classic stories that have been written are actually children’s books. These books serve as a way to not only entertain and put children to sleep, but to capture the interest of the child and encourage them to learn how to read. That means that the plot of these children’s books need to be riveting, entertaining, and educational. Books can be complex in terms of the content being age appropriate where the kid can read the book on their own or having the parent read to their child. Sometimes this means that there may be content that could be misconstrued as adult humor as opposed to something else completely innocent.
Kids’ books are meant to not only teach kids how to read, but also help them learn how to deal with situations that will help them grow into well-rounded adults. But sometimes authors will take liberties and purposely be inappropriate, while making jobs that go over the kids’ heads while making their parents laugh, or be royally angry. Thanks to the Internet, these inappropriate kids books have found a new exposure to the public and are now being purchased by families all over the world. From sexually transmitted diseases, innuendos, slang terms for curse words that are outdated, and more, these kids books should have never made it onto the shelves of our local libraries. It would be interesting to examine whether these books had an impact on the child psyche and if maybe these books contributed to early mental illness due to trauma.

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