5 Things I Learnt About Male/Female Relations From A Book About Oral

I was recently recommended a book about eating vagina. No, not by an ex. That would have been rude. By a friend of mine who’s thoroughly interested in the art of oral sex performance. The book’s called “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner. Here are some things I learnt from the book

1. Men Are Selfish Lovers Compared To Women

It’s in the title. “She comes first.” Have some consideration for your sexual partner. Everyone deserves an orgasm. It’s courteous. To men, penal gratification is the end of sex when it shouldn’t be.

2. Ignorance Of The Clitoris Is A Man’s Biggest Mistake

I had no idea how important the clit was until I read this book. It’s absolutely vital when it comes to stimulating ladies. Of course, half of the task is actually finding the damn thing. It’s really well hidden, but it’s worth the search. 70% of women have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone.

That’s more than enough motivation to go on your treasure hunt for the clit. It has 8000 nerve endings (Twice as many as the penis) and is divided up into 18 parts. It’s sole use is for pleasure.

3. Being Born With A Small Penis Isn’t The End Of The World

If you were dealt a short hand at birth so what? As far as I’m aware, God blessed most people with tongues right? According to the author of this book, you can make up for not being hugely endowed, by performing oral sex on a woman.

4. The Tongue Is Mightier than The Sword

No matter how amazing you think you are in bed, it pales you’re nothing without your tongue. Women reported that they reached orgasm 25% of the time from intercourse alone. They also reported that they reached  orgasm 81% of the time with tongue action alone.

5. Blind, Aggressive Rubbing Does Nothing For Nobody

Admit it. You’ve done it before. Opening up your palm and just rubbing blindly in the pubic region hoping you’re doing something right. There’s a chance you may get it right, but there’s also a chance you could be annoying her to pieces. Take time to find the clitoris, and then play with that varying between fast and slow.

Depending on what you think of sexual help books, this book can be incredibly enlightening or incredibly awkward. The author himself, Ian Kerner, struggled with premature ejaculation and so changed the focus of his sexual activity from penal to oral. He claims it’s turned his sexual life around. Whatever your thoughts on the book are, you can certainly learn a thing or two from it.

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