Pharrell Asked Some Kids Why They Love Reading And It Was Absolutely Adorable

This is one of those things that you never knew the world needed until you saw that it was going to happen! Pharrell Williams is turning his hit single “Happy” into a children’s book.

Here’s the cover:

G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Pharrell shares why he wanted to do this book:

“Putting happy into a book for kids was an opportunity to give the message yet another platform. You can see that there’s been a spark,” Pharell says in the video (below).

Here’s a trailer with Pharrell asking kids what makes them happy (and one little girl adorably asking Pharrell what makes him happy).

Know what makes them happy? Reading. Because, as this little girl said:

Screengrab via YouTube, image via BuzzFeed

Screengrab via YouTube, image via BuzzFeed

But wait…there’s more. Pharrell is also doing a campaign with Penguin Books called #ReadHappy. If you use that hashtag when you post photos and tweets about about why reading makes you happy, Penguin Books will donate a book to Firstbook, a nonprofit for helping kids get books and educational resources.

And check this out: they will donate up to 50,000 books. That’s a LOT of happy.

What makes me happy? Cool guys like Pharrell who do cool stuff like this.

Buy your copy of Happy at Amazon on October 6th.



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