10 #ReadingHacks To Help You Read More

Have you always wanted to read more, but always end up reading less than what you planned to read at the beginning of the year?

Do you find yourself too “busy” to read? Or do you procrastinate when it’s time to read?

Read through these reading hacks and you may just find yourself reading more.

1. Know your “why”


In anything that you do, it is important to determine what your “why” is. So that when the time comes that the times are getting hard, your purpose for doing something is there and it is strong enough to make you go on.

2. Read what attracts you


Don’t just read something because everybody tells you to do so. Choose that books that truly gets your attention and start with that. You’ll have less procrastination that way.

3. There are no rules


There are no rules that state that you can’t skip pages. Skipping pages to reach the important parts of the books are beneficial for personal and knowledge reading. There’s no use in forcing yourself to read through pages that won’t benefit you in any way.

4. By all means, stop reading


I mean when you find yourself in the middle of a book that you don’t enjoy, don’t force yourself to finish it, it won’t make sense. You can give up and stop reading books that you find boring and uninteresting, you won’t end up in jail for that.

5. Set a goal


Setting a reading goal for yourself and dividing it into smaller chunks is a big help. For example, you want to read 100 books this year, so when you divide that by the number of weeks in a year, which is 52, you’ll know that you have to read at least two books a week in order to reach your goal.

6. Have a deadline


Since you already know that you have to finish at least two books a week, you know that in order to achieve that, you’ll need to finish one book every 3 days. So when you start today, take note of the third day and make it your deadline.

7. Inject reading in your daily routine


It takes 21 days to build a routine, but once you are accustomed to doing one particular thing, you’ll forget you ever have to do it, you just do it. Start by having a book readily available and within reach all the time, this will ensure that even if you only have a few minutes, you can spend it by reading.

8. Get some context, not spoilers


Sometimes, you spend a great deal of time at the beginning of the book trying to understand the context and the characters. You can try to get some context beforehand, so when you start reading, you will be able to imagine the characters and the settings right away.

9. Understand what you are reading


Read for the meaning of the book, not just for the words. Doing this will make you go through the book smoothly, instead of having to go back to certain pages because you didn’t understand it the first time.

10. Be nice


Be nice to the author. No matter how bad the book and the writing is, the author deserves some respect for his or her effort. Reserve your judgments at the end of the book, do not try to argue with the author in the middle of the book, doing this will keep you from enjoying the book.

H/T: Lifehack