Hashtags. We couldn’t live without them even if we wanted to! In this day and age of all things social media being thrown in our faces, you’re bound to come across a hashtag or two that appeals to you. And for self-proclaimed bookworms, the following bookish hashtags may already be, or become, a few of your favorites.


1. #Potterhead Harry Potter hashtags

Because we all know good and well that anything Harry Potter-related is NOT going anywhere anytime soon, this is a great hashtag to use if you’re a Potterhead!

Source: Tee Public

2. #bookstagramfeature hashtag

If you’re a bookstagrammer, you should be very familiar with the bookstagram hashtag!

Source: Rachel E. Carter

3. #bookaholic hashtag for book addicts

4. #bookporn hashtag for book deliciousness

5. #themortalinstruments hashtag

This hashtag is homage to Cassandra Clare‘s YA cult classic Mortal Instruments series.

Source: Pinterest

6. #yalit Young Adult Literature hashtag

The hashtag for all Young Adult genre lovers everywhere ’round the globe.

Source: Delacorte Press (Twitter)

7. #thelunarchronicles hashtag

8. #reading hashtag

9. #ilovebooks hashtags

Pretty self-explanatory hashtag for a book lover!

Source: Topsy

10. #booksandtea hashtags

One of the best relaxing combinations there is!

Source: Twitter

11. #booksandcoffee

12. #bookblogger

13. #mustread

When a bookworm uses this book hashtag, you KNOW the book is good.

Source: AusRom Today

14. #coffeetime

Like tea time, only this book hashtag is switched out with a good ‘ol cup of coffee.

Source: Team Buffett

15. #bookcover hashtag

16. #booktag

17. #readstagram

A universal bookish hashtag that shows others you’re unashamed of your passion for books.

Source: Top Hashtags

18. #yabooks

A cherished book hashtag for all young adult bookworms.

Source: Topsy

19. #readmorebooks

20. #bookseries hashtag

21. #totalbooknerd

Using this hashtag is a sign that you’re a complete and utter book nerd whose addiction to books can never be treated nor ‘fixed.’

Source: Pinterest

22. #bookreviews

A must-use book hashtag for bookworms who have their own blogs/sites/accounts where they post reviews.

Source: Being Fibro Mom

23. #bookhoarder

24. #jkrowling

25. #readinglist

Always a good way to keep track of that monstrous TBR.

Source: Book Riot

26. #becausereading

I mean… reading IS all sorts of awesome!

Source: Twitter

27. #bookaddict hashtag

28. #ireadya

29. #whatiread

What are you currently reading?

Source: Twitter

30. #gorgeousbook

A day is always made better when a gorgeous book and this hashtag helps you find them!

Source: Howling Pages

31. #bookphotography

32. #instabook hashtag

33. #bücherwurm hashtag

This hashtag is the German version of #bookworm!

Source: Twitter

34. #grisha

A personal hashtag for fans of Leigh Bardugo‘s Grisha Trilogy.

Source: Pinterest

35. #bookmarks

36. #AmReading

Shameless self-promotion for this one! We love all things books and literature!

Source: #AmReading

Which book hashtags do you use a lot? We want to know!

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Featured image via The Balance