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Amazon Introduces Self-Published Book Prize

Almost any aspiring author will tell you they’ve looked into the self-publishing option. It’s a modern, attractive alternative to the lengthy, stressful process of getting a book published traditionally, and these days, more and more writers are publishing their works as e-books. Not only do these writers get the satisfaction of knowing their books are out there for the public almost instantaneously, but there’s also the chance that they’ll achieve mega-fame like a few lucky self-published authors have. Perhaps most notably, the 50 Shades of Grey books were originally self-published by author E.L. James.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

If you’re looking to self-publish, Amazon UK has introduced a new prize that will give you some extra motivation to take the plunge. The company’s Kindle Storyteller Prize will award £20,000 (or roughly $25,000) to one book published through the Kindle Direct Publishing program between February 20 and May 19. As Bustle reports, “The winning book will be selected by a panel of Amazon executives and literary figures, and alongside the cash reward, the winning book will be given a marketing campaign on Amazon’s UK website to help promote it to a wider audience.”

Source: The Verge

Source: The Verge

The rules are fairly simple: the books must be published through KDR during the specific time period; both fiction and non-fiction material is accepted; and the works must meet a minimum 5,000 word-count.

A spokesperson for Amazon told The Guardian, “Great books deserve to be celebrated and that’s what we want to do with the Kindle Storyteller competition. Publishing a book has never been easier, and the Kindle Storyteller Award will reward the author whose story resonates most with both readers and literary experts.” The spokesperson added that the panel choosing the winner will include “both Amazon experts and literary authorities.” No word yet on who specifically will sit on the panel.

You can find out more about the Kindle Storyteller Prize (and possibly become inspired to share your novel with the world) here.

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