Any Disney fan who loves to read is bound to love Belle. Any genuine bookworm can relate to her or at least envy her breathtaking castle library.

Before the live-action film comes out in March, be prepared with all your favorite Beauty and Beast book nerd accessories.


1. Charm-ing Necklace

There a few variations of this charming charm necklace available on Etsy, but all reflect what we love about this movie.

Source: Etsy

2. Book Necklace

What bookworm doesn’t look for their favorite parts in their favorite books? Belle may be an animated character, but still she is a kindred spirit.

Source: Spiffing Jewelry


Based on the stained glass windows in the animated film, these bookmarks are beautiful and show that you really know the film beginning to end–literally.

Source: Etsy

4. Cuffs

Collect your favorite quotes and song lyrics from the movie with these unique cuffs!

Source: Buzzfeed

5. Book Purse

Take the book with you wherever you go and show off your love of the classic story!

Source: Etsy

6. Belle’s Cafe Mug

Let’s be honest. If Belle were a real person, in our modern world, she would totally have her own bookstore/cafe.

Source: Amazon

7. Book Clutch

Another beautiful and playful repurposed piece.

Source: Etsy

8. Paper And Jar Necklace

This unique necklace may look fragile, but the paper has been coated with a sealant, so you can feel free to wear it without worry.

Source: Etsy

9. Book Bag

If you’d prefer having this Beauty and Beast quote on a wall clock, iPhone case, laptop or iPad skin, pillow, or mug, they are also available for purchase.

Source: Society 6

10. Belle Ornament

The holidays are coming! Consider adorning your tree with this ornament. With a book in hand and wearing that iconic yellow ball gown, Belle shows us why she is one of our favorite Disney princesses.

Source: Amazon

Which Beauty and Beast book accessories are your favorite? Did I miss any that you love?

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