Trekkies Rejoice! Two new books will be coming out that not only celebrate the 50, yes FIVE ZERO, year existence of Star Trek, but also will dish out the secrets that went on behind closed doors (and on camera as well) of the much lauded show. Arguably better than, or at least causing tension and comparisons among fans of, Star Wars, Star Trek has provided an in-depth universe replete with TV shows, movies, books, comics and more. Fans have their own fiction, and create their own universes, providing plenty of material for any fan to occupy their reading commitment.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Yet, these two new books go in-depth providing what they say is The Complete, Uncensored, and Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek. Written by Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman, there is experience and expertise at the helm that can ensure the book’s quality and truth. Edward Gross has written alternative Star Trek reference books and has written articles, for both fan publications and official materials, covering all topics Star Trek since 1986, including interviews, behind-the-scenes materials, and critical views from people involved in the franchise. Mark A. Altman, beyond being a writer and producer, has both worked on comic books (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series) and has worked with Gross on many of the unofficial reference publications in the past. Not including the two latest, Gross and Altman have worked on 10 unofficial guides and publications together, thus you know there is experience, expertise, and a love of the epic franchise that will come with the new books.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

The two books will cover 50 years of Star Trek and will cover the first 25 years and the last 25 years respectively. Both collector’s books will be full of interviews, articles, and will provide an in-depth look at the entire team, writers, actors, directors, producers, cameramen, behind the iconic show. The books can feel like an oral history of the show, adding to the legends and myths that have been created, as well as creating new ones. These books are for those who want to know how the show came together, and those that want to dig deeper.

Who’s your favorite Star Trek character of all time?

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