8 Top Secret Facts About Librarians

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Librarians are the overlords of the library, a place of immense knowledge and power. Lurking within the depths of their minds lie secrets unfathomable for the typical human mind to comprehend. Here are a few secret facts that have been uncovered through the help of the massive internet.


1. They Have Some power Over Your Overdue Fees

If you have a good reason for having your books be late, some librarians can help you by waiving the fee. Some libraries even have free fine days where you could return late library books at no extra fee. That’s why you need to be extra nice to your librarian.

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2. Ask If You Need A Book

Most librarians can access the book for you from other libraries through their interlibrary collections. Even if the book doesn’t appear to be on the online catalogue, some librarians would be happy to purchase it for the sake of circulation among all the readers!

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3. They Never Get Sick From Books

If they aren’t too busy scanning items, they would still read from all the bookshelves. Despite being surrounded by books every day of work, most of them still enjoy the luxury of cuddling up with a nice book.

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4. But They Don’t Just Read All Day

Librarians are just like us, so it’s usually not a good idea to say all they do is read. Most of them spend their time in the library organizing books and scanning items rather than reading. Outside of that they also teach and organize community events for the people around them.

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5. Book Donations Don’t Always End Up In The Library Catalogue

Sometimes if the book you donated has enough in stock or just doesn’t have enough interest, the book will end up for some other purpose like book sales. They still help out the library in its own little way; just don’t expect your books to be right on the shelf.

6. They Can Give Awesome Book Recommendations (Whether It’s Their Own Or Reviews)

Chances are no matter what age you are, librarians have a way of knowing what books you might like. Even if they don’t, the reviews they hear of from other patrons is a perfect way of them helping you find that lovely match.

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Source: Graphic Stock

7. Letting Them Know About The Books You Borrowed Or Even Life In General (They Care!)

Librarians will feel great knowing that the books you borrow or the facilities they offer were a contributing factor to your success. They care about your success and want to know how they can help you.

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Source: Graphic Stock

8. The Things They’ve Found In Library Books

Ask them and hear about the strange assortment of things that end up as a bookmark or just get lost in books. From credit cards, strange notes, dead flies and even money, these things somehow find a way into your local library books.

Source: Buzzfeed

Source: Buzzfeed


For a funny little look into how a day in the life of a librarian is (not really), check out this awesome video!

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