So, it’s your first week in college and classes have already started kicking in. We all know what it feels like to be on the verge of ditching our reading habits for academic purposes, but fret not! We are here to help all you avid readers!

Here are 5 tips that will definitely get you reading more in college!


1. Mark Your Calendar For New Releases

This works best if you are the type of person that likes to mark your to-do lists or calendars. Make sure to mark new releases by your favorite authors or any upcoming books you have been waiting for and there you have it: motivation to read!

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2. Set Reading Goals

Pick a book, and dedicate yourself to finishing it. Seriously, do not allow yourself to leave the book hanging. Set goals and discipline yourself to make it happen! (*Note: If you’re absolutely hating a particular book, no need to keep torturing yourself by continuing to read it. Say au revoir to that one and pick up another book that’s on your TBR list.

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3. Go To The Library

If you are experiencing too much distraction reading elsewhere, then the library is always the way to go! Spend a few hours reading in the library and you’ll see how much satisfaction it brings you.

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4. Try Short Stories

If you’re having trouble staying committed to a book or setting aside quality reading time, try out some shorter stories. Try finding a story that you can relate to and feel genre-comfortable with, that way you’ll want to finish it faster! Here’s a list of 100 free ones to start with!

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5. Make It A Routine

Yes, the talk about routine. Tough, but doable. How about allocating reading a chapter or two each night before bed, or picking specific days out of the week to pick up that novel for an hour or so? Remember, reading is a hobby and hobbies should never cause stress or require too much planning; hobbies are meant to alleviate stress. Devote yourself to a special time that works for you and you’ll see how easy it is to fall into your new reading routine.

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We hope you find these tips helpful! Let us and fellow college students in the comments know, how do you fit in time for reading?

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