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1. First Lines of Literature

Now, this is a conversation starter! This colorful mug includes a bunch of first lines from classic books!

Source: Amazon

2. Banned Book Mug

With this mug, you can be a rebel and show your support for all the classic banned books. *Smoothly slides sunglasses on*

Source: Amazon

3. Library Books Showcase

This one has a neat little decorated bookshelf on it!

Source: Amazon

4. Game of Thrones

A perfect gift for fans of both the HBO television series and the books!

Source: Amazon

5. Out of Print

A simple black and white mug that has a cool mix-match of crossed out words and phrases!

Source: Amazon

6. Of Mice and Men

A mug completely devoted to the classic story by John Steinbeck.

Source: Amazon

7. Shakespeare

A mug that has quite the witty remark from one of the world’s most notable writers!

Source: Amazon

8. Potter-head

A mug that shows homage to the beloved fantasy series.

Source: Amazon

9. Game of Thrones-Targaryen

Another Game of Thrones mug! This one shows the banner of House Targaryen.

Source: Amazon

10. My Weekend is All Booked!

It’s completely normal to be literally ‘booked up’ every weekend right?

Source: Amazon

11. Rainbow Books

You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the vibrant colors on this coffee mug!

Source: Amazon

12. Fahrenheit 451

A mug that celebrates the popular novel by Ray Bradbury.

Source: Amazon

13. Out of Print Library Card

How original and old-school! Very cool!

Source: Amazon

14. To Kill a Mockingbird

This mug would be a lovely collector’s item to show respect to the classic novel by Harper Lee. As of yet, there is no mug available for the sequel, Go Set a Watchman.

Source: Amazon

15. Oscar Wilde

Wise words from the talented playwright and author.

Source: Amazon

16. Atlas Shrugged

Another awesome mug that pays tribute to one of the greatest classics: Altas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

Source: Amazon

17. Gone With the Wind

Everyone who sees you drinking out of this rad mug will surely give a damn about where you got it! There is also a mug that has Scarlett and Rhett embracing.

Source: Amazon

18. Little Women

A mug that quotes one of the most memorable and inspirational moments of Louisa May Alcott’s vintage story.

Source: Amazon

19. Jane Austen

A coffee mug completely devoted to the works of Jane Austen.

Source: Amazon

20. Cheshire Cat

An Alice in Wonderland mug that showcases the original Cheshire Cat, complete with his signature mischievous grin.

Source: Amazon

21. Kindly Go Away

Hey, at least you asked kindly.

Source: Amazon


Kick back, relax and enjoy that cup of tea, milk, coffee, whatever it may be in these one-of-a-kind mugs!


Featured image via India Book of Records


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