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It’s National Pizza Party today, so here’s your excuse to chow down and order your favorite pizza. Also, you know what else is great? Bookmarks in the shapes and themes of pizza. Maybe these bookmarks will distract you from your reading because they look yummy but…who cares? It’s pizza!

1. Enjoy Reading

Source: Birthday Printable

2. Pizza Scratch and Sniff

I’m pretty sure this won’t work over the internet, though it is a cool idea!

Source: Demco

3. Pizza Delivery!

Source: Birthday Printable

4. Smiling Pizza

Because nothing is more encouraging than a pizza smiling at you.

Source: The Library Store

5. Pizza Drawing

This is a pretty good pizza slice drawing!

Pizza Bookmark1
Source: Cargo Elective

6. Food Bundle

This one comes with a drink and a tub of popcorn!

clips 2
Source: Pretty Cute Stamps

7. Corner Bookmark

Source: Bustle

8. Magnetic Bookmark

Source: Etsy

Now go! Enjoy that slice! Or two…or three.



Featured image via Parry’s Pizza



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